Session 2: Why engaged theory?

Website Launch Event Session 2

On April 25th, 2022, we are hosting two launch events for a new website,, for the grounded and engaged political theory community.
The purpose of the website is to help scholars doing this work find each other and share events. In each of two sessions, four scholars will launch our conversation and community by addressing three questions and then we will have an open discussion.

  • Which calls for engaged political theory do you answer?
  • Which methodological discussions have informed you?
  • How do you use it in your own work?

Registration is required and you are welcome to forward the invitation widely.
The sessions will be recorded. Participation indicates consent to recording.

Panel for Session 2:

Brooke Ackerly (Vanderbilt University) [host]
Luis Cabrera (Griffith University)
Fonna Forman (University of California-San Diego)
Genevieve Fuji Johnson (Simon Fraser University)
Chris Tenove (University of British Columbia)

Watch the recording here: